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all enquiries and referals to Dr Charlotte Curran 07866 901 753


I am very satisfied with the advice and the mentoring that I recieved.  This has certainly changed my life.  I realise that I now need to learn to manage my anxiety on my own using all of the skills that I have learnt.  I am happy for therapy to come to an end as I feel confident that I can continue to build on my progress on my own.  Thank you very much.

"With you, getting life back on track"

The Overcoming series is a series of self-help books  that support individuals to understand and overcome their difficulties using effective cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.  Titles include: Overcoming low self-esteem, Overcoming depression, Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Panic, Overcoming social anxiety and shyness, Overcoming anger and irritability, Overcoming Traumatic stress, and Overcoming childhood trauma.