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We are pleased to provide services that meet or exceed client expectations.  The testimonials below provide you with a snapshot of all the amazing feedback that we receive.  In a recent survey of past clients, 100% of respondents said that they were either “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with the service they received and with the outcome of their therapy, and that would recommend us to a friend colleague or family member.  All respondents said that the therapy they received from this service was “a great deal better” than previous therapy they had received.

I am very satisfied with the advice and the mentoring that I received.  This has certainly changed my life.  I realise that I now need to learn to manage my anxiety on my own using all of the skills that I have learnt.  I am happy for therapy to come to an end as I feel confident that I can continue to build on my progress on my own.  Thank you very much.
(6 sessions of CBT for health anxiety)

Finding and working with Catherine has been life changing. From the first session, she made me feel at ease and listened to, supporting my worries with kindness, compassion and a warm smile. Catherine has allowed me to learn about myself, and feel empowered about my past experiences and the way I think.  I would not hesitate to go back to Catherine in the future for further support, she is truly wonderful at what she does!
(7 sessions of CBT for anxiety and low mood)

I found the service very good and I was very satisfied with the support and understanding that I gained about my problems and how to overcome them.
(6 sessions of CBT for depression)

To find a therapist like Catherine has been my biggest gift. My time with Catherine has provided me with a profound understanding of myself, that I know will help me with future challenges. She approached me with complete empathy and warmth that held and guided me through a very difficult time.  I felt completely heard, seen and understood by her and I couldn’t recommend her more.
(6 sessions of CBT for worry and low self-esteem)

My sessions have been a huge help for me. My therapist has helped me understand why I feel the way I do and talked through skills I can use to manage my thoughts. I felt comfortable with her, as she put me at ease and had an empathic approach. I would highly recommend for those that require some help in managing depression and worry.
(3 sessions of CBT for depression and worry)

I can wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte’s services.  Therapy moved at a pace I was comfortable with and the techniques and processes were presented at a level I could understand and quickly absorb.  Issues and situations that would have previously sent me into a spin are now merely bumps on an otherwise smooth road.  I struggled with anxiety issues for many years before seeking support, assuming that that was how life was going to be.  Charlotte helped me to realise that this isn’t the case.
(10 sessions of CBT for panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder and depression)

Due to financial constraints I could only attend a limited number of sessions. I found Charlotte most helpful in tailoring these limited sessions to my needs and I felt that I had worked well with her to achieve some of my goals and learn a number of very useful strategies.
(3 sessions of CBT for worry and stress management)

My CBT sessions with Charlotte have been a big help to me during this time of ill health.  The techniques that I have learnt to help with my anxiety and depression have really made a difference.  Charlotte’s caring and professional manner made the sessions something to actually look forward to at this difficult time.
(18 sessions of CBT for severe depression and anxiety)

My way of thinking has completely transformed through my sessions with Catherine. I am now able to control my troubling thoughts and overthinking with the tools I’ve learnt from my sessions.  I’m a different person and happier for it.
(20+ sessions of CBT and schema work for low self-esteem)

Charlotte has helped me to see things in a different way.  I now feel a lot more confident as I have strategies to stay positive and to fight any setback.
(6 sessions of CBT for anxiety and low self-esteem)

I felt that Charlotte understood me and my problems right from the start.  I was taught and guided to find the skills to manage anxiety in the best ways for me and was given the up most care and kindness along the way.  I have overcome so many barriers I was experiencing and my outlook is now brighter and much more relaxed.  I feel confident in managing my health condition and balancing work/life stresses independently through invaluable strategies rather than feeling overwhelmed.
(15 sessions of CBT for health anxiety and general anxiety)

I would recommend Charlotte’s services to anyone seeking to put thought into their own behavioural patterns. Overcoming initial barriers of awkwardness was easy; Charlotte’s empathic approach made each and every meeting an eye-opening and rewarding experience.  The acquired CBT knowledge has helped me in everyday life since.
(8 sessions of CBT for low self esteem)

A very collected and sensible approach to addressing possible underlying issues.
(3 sessions of CBT for low mood)

Charlotte enabled me to be aware of the automatic pattern I was following in response to certain events and how to challenge and break that pattern. This gave me a sense of control over my otherwise negative approach.  Charlotte is kind, calm, and professional, making one feel completely at ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for CBT and its benefits.
(12 sessions of CBT for depression and anxiety)

I was very pleased with the results from my sessions.  Charlotte helped me through a difficult time in my life and showed me how to look at situations in a different way.  Charlotte is a very warm and kind person, so I always felt comfortable talking to her about almost anything. With Charlotte’s support and through the different strategies she has taught me, I feel she has helped me to overcome feelings of anxiety.
(8 sessions of CBT for social anxiety)

I can’t thank Dr Curran enough for her help with CBT. I’ve been in and out of doctors for years, all of which were far more talking shops than fixing shops – the latter being what Dr Curran is all about. After 30 years of not really tackling my problems, Dr Curran has supported me to turn my life around and I’m so very thankful for her help.
(12 session of CBT for recurrent depression and anxiety)

It wasn’t easy talking to someone that I didn’t know but Charlotte made me feel comfortable in all of my sessions.  She was able to ask the right questions to get me to open up.  I really like that Charlotte would always start with an idea of what we could cover for that session and if I didn’t agree with it, I could say so.
(10 sessions of CBT for anxiety and depression)

I found the sessions with Charlotte incredibly useful.  The way she approached my issues allowed me to see things that I was doing in such a way that finding new ways to change them became easier. Charlotte also gave me a number of useful tools that I constantly use in all sorts of situations.  I would have no hesitation in seeking assistance from Charlotte in the future, and the experience I had has made me an advocate of this kind of therapy.
(8 sessions of CBT for low mood and anxiety)

Supervisory Testimonials

I have really enjoyed being supervised by Charlotte and working with her because of her brightness and enthusiasm.  Thank you for being a very supportive and wise supervisor.
(Clinical Psychologist and BABCP accredited CBT therapist)

For a free of charge, confidential discussion over the phone about your circumstances and requirements, please contact Dr Curran on 07866 901753.

"With you, getting life back on track"

The Overcoming series is a series of self-help books  that support individuals to understand and overcome their difficulties using effective cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.  Titles include: Overcoming low self-esteem, Overcoming depression, Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Panic, Overcoming social anxiety and shyness, Overcoming anger and irritability, Overcoming Traumatic stress, and Overcoming childhood trauma.